2010 Powder Day: Rage Productions Bonus

Posted by piphunt on January 13, 2012 in Adventures of Pip, skiing

One snowy April day, Angeli, Hennie, Giray and I shuffled up Catherine’s Pass for a little storm shooting. It was hilarious. Not only did I fully shave all the branches off a pine tree attempting to “tap” it, we also crashed, swam, and swallowed the deep fluffy snow. This season, I’ve almost forgot what it […]

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Where is the Snow?

Posted by piphunt on December 14, 2011 in Adventures of Pip

This time last year, I was shredding feet upon feet of instant-refill powder all over the Wasatch. If watching last weeks Salomon Freeski episode wasn’t enough to make me miss last December, skiing icy man-made snow at Alta last weekend was. Last night, Ullr finally blessed us with a smidgeon of snow. It was the […]

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First Segment of Backyards is Dropping!

Posted by piphunt on October 11, 2011 in Adventures of Pip, skiing

Last year, I traveled up to Targhee and Jackson Hole to ski with Mike Leake and work with Futuristic Films. The project was “Backyards”, a made for TV short movie. Check out the first segment of Mike and I.   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MZH8npoIhM[/youtube]

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I can, I can, I can, I can, I can… (no thinking allowed)

Posted by piphunt on August 11, 2011 in Adventures of Pip, Fitness

Something strange happened on Friday night:  as I was laying in bed thinking about the race,  I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to prepare mentally. What was I meant to visualize?Running, and running, and running like the little engine that could? For the first time in a very long time, I was […]

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Jupiter Peak: My Top Gear Picks

Posted by piphunt on August 5, 2011 in Adventures of Pip

I’m currently running around my apartment checking and rechecking my gear list and my bag, trying to make sure that I have absolutely everything that I may possibly need tomorrow! After last week’s fiasco where I forgot my hydration belt and ran a three leaf clover style course so that I could return to the […]

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30 Resorts 30 Days: Take II

Posted by piphunt on April 13, 2010 in Adventures of Pip, skiing

Seth’s adventures on the road ended at Brighton yesterday. Yes, we went out with a bang. Although this bang may not be the most triumphant bang. Seth and I were cruising down our second groomer of the day, laying some ruts in the fresh groomers, and scoping the resort for potential ski testers. There he […]

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30 Resorts in 30 Days

Posted by piphunt on March 26, 2010 in skiing

Last week, Seth Werner , Jamey Parks and I headed to Solitude, Alta and the Bird to ski on Salomon’s latest ski… What is this ski? Well I’m not exactly sure what to tell you. Right now it’s the “no name”, with no specs and no graphics. What I can tell you is that it […]

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Outdoor Retailers 2009

Posted by piphunt on January 22, 2009 in Adventures of Pip, skiing

I spent today helping the Salomon team set up the booth for the Outdoor Retailers Trade Show . This is my third year at OR. The first year I went I was an Outdoor Idol, which is an award given to outstanding athletes in outdoor sports who give back to their community by the Outdoor […]

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