Comfort Food: Shepherd’s Pie

Posted by piphunt on February 2, 2012 in Adventures of Pip, The Little Chef

I’m on a comfort food mission. This dish is something that was often in our fridge or freezer growing up. It’s inexpensive, easy to make, freezes well and hits the comfort food spot. What’s not to love? I even have my roommate Amy’s approval, as she ended up eating it for breakfast and lunch this […]

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Crock Pot: Getting back to your root veggies

Posted by piphunt on January 30, 2012 in Adventures of Pip, The Little Chef

Winter makes me think of root veggies: butternut squash, carrots, sweet potato, parsnips, suede, celeriac. It’s the time of year I want to turn my oven on and fill up the whole house with the warmth and toasty smell as the vegetables caramelize slowly. However, roasting veggies can take way too long when I get […]

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Dinner on the fly: A Quick and Easy Curry

Posted by piphunt on January 12, 2012 in Adventures of Pip, The Little Chef

I love experimenting in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s a slow, multi-step process; a dance through the silence of my house, no music, no tv, no roommate. I can revel in the stillness and silence. My only company is the chop, chop, chop of my knife, the bubble of the pot, the sizzle of onions carmelizing […]

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Dinner with friends: Chicken Paprikash

Posted by piphunt on January 9, 2012 in Adventures of Pip, The Little Chef

I don’t even know what we were laughing about but the feeling lingered and I thought, “when was the last time I laughed that hard?”. Laughter used to be synonymous with life. But the last couple years, I don’ t think I laugh as often or as hard as I used to. It made me […]

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