Buckwheat Galette

Crepes are delicious. Really, there is just no arguing that point. Whether they’re filled with nutella and bananas, lemon and sugar, or gruyere, ham, arugula and heriloom tomatoes, they are tasty. They are light and floppy. Two things that gluten free pancakes certainly are not, which is why I haven’t really attempted to recreate them.


When I lived in San Clemente during my internship at Powder magazine, the local creperie made buckwheat crepes. O how delicious it was to reenter the world of crepes, whilst sitting in the sun with a cappuccino and the autumn sea breeze. Until I realized that just because they were made of buckwheat, didn’t mean they were gluten free (I was a gf newbie at that point). Seriously, stop sneaking flour into naturally gluten free flour mixes!

It would be awhile before I ran into buckwheat crepes again. Two years to be exact. When the Paris Bistro, the Salt Lake City restaurant where I served for three years, started serving a pecorino galette, a buckwheat crepe with pecorino and poached pears. Mmm warm, melty perconio and succulent poached pears. So close to being Pip friendly, except there is freakin’ wheat flour in the buckwheat flour again. So sad. I would just have to look at it and dream instead!

Last month, I came across a recipe for Breton galette on Food Renegade. It looked amazing, and I immediately saved it into my Evernote recipe folder. Of course, when awoke on Saturday morning, I didn’t have what the recipe called for. I didn’t have what the replacement recipe I found on Bon Appetit called for either. But did that stop me? Like hell it did, I was a woman on a breakfast galette mission!


Buckwheat Galette (which to me is a buckwheat crepe, but according to google it can be a crepe, or more of a “cake” like crust with a savory filling)


What you need:

mixing bowl

measuring cup

measuring spoon


a good quality pan and a quick wrist to spread the batter!



1 cup buckwheat flour

1 1/4 cups coconut milk (or other milk)

3 large eggs

4 tablespoons melted coconut oil

2 tablespoons water, to thin the batter out. Add more if you need your batter to be thinner.




mix all ingredients into a large bowl and let sit. Some recipes I checked recommended waiting up to two hours for the buckwheat to absorb the moisture. However, I’m not waiting two hours for breakfast, I usually wake up starving. One hour of prep work and cooking are doable, but 2 hours? No way! However, they probably would of turned out better ie. a little thinner and more crepe like if I had had the patience.


Allow the pan to warm up on a medium heat, brush coconut oil (or butter, or olive oil) evenly throughout the bottom of the pan.

When your pan is warm, pour a thin layer of batter over the bottom of the pan. Swirl the pan to distribute the batter evenly. It should take about one to two minutes for each side to cook. when the top side is covered in little bubbles, it is ready to be flipped!


Yield: 12 galettes


Ta-da! Gluten free crepes a.k.a galettes! We served these with fried eggs, fresh spinach, mustard, and heirloom tomatoes. They were super tasty! I later rolled up one of the leftovers with chicken, spinach, mustard, and saurkraut to throw into my pack for lunch at the top of the Pfeifer Horn!


You can freeze the leftovers. Stack the galettes between layers of parchment paper, wrap in cling film, then place in a freezer bag for a quick, easy, week day breakfast!



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