30 Days of Awesome!

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Today was the first day of my 30 Days of Awesome! ok, so maybe it was yesterday (which was awesome!) but I completely spaced it until I saw Nicole’s post noting the inaugural day of the annual blogging event. Doh. Sorry for playing!


I first found out about the 30 Days of Awesome when Nicole invited Angeli to participate when I was still in college. I have to admit I was a little jealous. We all know that we live pretty incredible lives, but dedicating 30 days to getting out and celebrating just what makes our lives so awesome? Now that’s a great idea. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whirlwind of my life, that I forget to recognize just how truly great, adventurous and wacky it really is. The 30 Days of Awesome reminds me to stop, think, what have I done today that challenged me? That made me grow as a person? As an athlete? As an artist? This year, the 30 Days of Awesome is open to anyone! Write, Instagram, Tweet, whatever you do, just tell us why your life is awesome!

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I know, I know, enough about what this whole blog party is about, what did I do today? I ran, and I ran. and then I ran a little bit more. Then I had to lie on the ground with my legs on a rock gasping and sucking down water in the 20% humidity trying to recover. It was awesome!


photo 1

My roomie Ellery and I both love to play, but since we both lead crazy busy lives, we seldom play together. This morning we set out for Grand Teton National Park with our water, running shoes and bar spray and didn’t look back. We headed up ┬áCascade Canyon, passed the hoards of tourists clamoring over the uneven ground where the Jenny Lake ferry drops off, up the switch backs and along the mellow river bank. After a whirlwind first year in Jackson (I have yet to spend more than 4 weeks in a row here) it was my first run in the park. It certainly won’t be my last.



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