To Farmer’s Market We Go!

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I have a problem. I love food. I obsess about it. The flavours, the textures, the color. How to bring out different flavour profiles or create different colors. I’m scarcely  halfway through breakfast before I’m thinking about dinner. I’m always thinking about my next meal. You’d think I had at some point suffered from starvation, but, alas, that is not the case. I simply love eating. Food is an adventure, it’s expressive, exciting, and, usually, it tastes delicious (unless you accidentally buy salted pork in a French grocery store, but that is another story…)

Farmers Market Booty


Chamonix’s farmers market is every Saturday morning. I wasn’t expecting much. It’s April, and a cold, wet one at that. Produce at the grocery store has been limited at best. I mainly wanted to find some yummy cured meat, cheese, and check the scene out. However, the colder and wetter than average spring is not dampening the produce, at least from what I saw. I was greeted with greens, purples, yellows, orange, and reds at every stand. From strawberries to Kohlrabi, I had my pick of the crop. I wandered in and out of the stalls, sussing out prices and options. I knew that if I bought items as I came across them, I’d end up with enough food to feed  a small army.


Markets are not only a fantastic way to eat fresh, local produce, and discover new food, but also to practice my French. It’s limited to say the least, and when the friendly guy at the saucisson stand started a full blown conversation with me over the saucisson aux herbes du provence, I may have looked like a deer in the headlights. I’m trying to avoid those classic “I’m a tourist” moments, and getting out into the market is a great way to put me out of my comfort zone. At least I’ve read enough about food to navigate my grocery shopping!


My favorite finds at the market? Deep red heirloom tomatoes, spicy, Moroccan olives, and saucisson aux figues. I may be on a fig mission while I’m over here. They are just too yummy to dismiss.

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