Vacation Hangover

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I guess I can’t pretend like I’m on vacation anymore. I’ve unpacked, done laundry, gone to work, gone to the grocery store (three times?) and driven up LCC twice. Yup. I’m officially done with vacation, even the jetlag has subsided. I don’t have anymore excuses for my absence from here. Sigh.


Australia was amazing. It was a tease. It has so much potential, I just didn’t quite get to discover it. When it rains in Australia, it doesn’t just drizzle and mist a’la Seattle. It pours. It comes down in thick, silvery sheets, distorting the view from the window, it drums ¬†on the tin roof, and splatters from the pavement. It’s not very inviting for walk. It makes me want to turn on the kettle and snuggle on the couch with a good book. My vacations usually require a long nap when I get home. This one didn’t.

As a kid, I always wanted to go to Australia. My aunt and her family live north of Sydney and I also asked my mum why we didn’t go visit. “Australia is full of snakes, spiders, and things that bite!” When she arrived in Sydney 6 weeks before me for her Master Yachtsmen Certification, I wasn’t ready for her reaction. “This place is incredible!” She’d gush, about their beaches, their cafes, the markets, the sailing, the people. Gee. I guess there is more to Australia than things that bite.


I arrived in Sydney with a stubborn sinus infection, and an even more stubborn will to avoid antibiotics. After spending a day wandering around The Rocks at Sydney Harbour Market, tasting doukka, smelling, oils, and lunching on delicious gluten-free fare (are cardoman caramel bars paleo??) with my sinuses and teeth pounding, I found the closest homepathic store and asked for help. The shopkeeper recommended that I take three garlic, horseradish, and vitamin c pills three times a day until it subsided. I was totally willing to give it a shot. You can call it hocus pocus, I call it saving my gut flora from damnation. After visiting Crossfit Manly, surfing at Manly City Beach, and eating many more tasty gluten free treats, we packed up the car and headed north to Port McQuarie (Wauchope really).


Our motivation for the trip to Oz was for my cousin, Bec’s wedding. Becca and I are two weeks apart, and if it wasn’t for her stealthy ways, I would have been a Rebecca instead of a Phillipa. We arrived in Wauchope within minutes of the start of the bridal shower. The next few days were a whirlwind of wedding events, family, dinners, and sunshine. Our few sunshiny days of the trip!


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