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Most places I visit you wouldn’t find a gym, let alone a crossfit affiliate. However, Manly is an exception. It’s just across the harbor from Sydney, and the lovely beaches, surf, and sailing are not the only things here keeping people active. Crossfit North Manly opened just a couple of months ago, which meant that I got my fix before heading up north to Port Macquarie for the wedding!

I love seeing how different gyms operate, what their set-ups look like and how different coaches explain tricky movements likes muscles ups and butterfly pull-ups. The two days I worked out with the crew at Crossfit North Manly aka “The Hurt Locker”, Joe, the coach and owner, kicked my ass. Nevermind that I was coming off of a nasty sinus infection that just wouldn’t quit. I definitely left humbled.


The first WOD was a Fight Gone Bad style workout with squats, dumbbell snatches, medicine ball tic-tacs, toes-to-bar, and wall climbs. By the end of it my arms, and core were thrashed, and that was before I realize that the other two ladies had headed out the door to run the hill behind the gym. I could feel my sinuses filling, but that didn’t stop me from getting a score of 498!


The second day we worked on Romanian deadlifts, butterfly pullups and muscle-ups. It was one of those skills days that you think you’ll survive easily, and leave wanting a nap! But, I finally did butterfly pull-ups! The most I managed was four in a row, but it’s better than the flopping like a dead fish maneuver I’ve been doing at home. Joe worked us through the best muscle-up progression I’ve ever been taught, and he had me confident that today may just be the day I do one, but by the time we moved to the compete movement my arms were so exhausted that I was struggling to kip. Another day! At least I got the butterfly pull-up. Yay skills day and excellent coaching!

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