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I know, this blog post is so late it’s almost the weekend again. But last weekend was so fun that I ended up with the flu. Let me start at the beginning.

Top of the Butte in Jackson Hole


I’m not the biggest fan of last minute trips. I know, call me lame. But I like to PLAN. I like to write things down on my google calender, I like to know when I’m going to sleep in, what I’m going to make for dinner, and when I’m going to get my workout in. This, I know, sounds counter intuitive to all of the adventuring I promote on here. But hey, I can be type A and fun.


So there I was, packing up my stuff on Thursday night for a last minute girls trip to Jackson Hole. Hannah Whitney, Tanya Christensen and I were off to see Ms. Crystal Wright. Visiting Crystal means only one thing: fun. Whether that means getting your ass kicked Mountain Athlete style (she crushed us on the beach in Mexico), donning excessive sequins, or dancing until the break of dawn, Crystal brings it all. Just don’t plan on sleeping.

After sipping wine and catching up next to Crystal’s cozy wood burning stove in her A-frame cabin on Friday night, we started Saturday morning with my yummy peanut butter banana pancakes and a day packed with adventure.

Hannah and her pancakes


We hiked up the Butte in Jackson in the crisp, winterish air to take in the view of Snoking and the town, then headed into Teton National Park to find the Huckleberry Hot Springs. It was cold, we were under dressed and we parked at the wrong trail head. But, we did eventually make it! It was hot, slimy, and shallow, pretty much everything a natural springs should be. Plus, it was filled with giggling skier girls, a couple cute boys, and a bottle of wine.

Post hot springs session with the crew!


After the hot springs we hustled home to Wilson to shower and get ready for dinner at the Rendezvous Bistro. Since we got lost, we only had 1 hour for the four of us to get shower and get ready. We may be burly mountain women, but sometimes we do like to don pink, glitter, and do our hair. This was definitely one of those times. We narrowly made our reservation, sat down at the best table in the restaurant and were charmed by our waiter. But that is another story, for it’s own blog post.

All dressed up and lots of places to go


Dinner was delicious, complete with martinis, wine, and some harassment by local boys. Our reputation had started. After dinner, we headed to the Action Jackson film premiere, sipped on way-too-strong cocktails (after which I called it a night on the drinking) and hollered for Suz Grahame, my college roommate, as she ski-based ridiculously big cliffs. Action Jackson was no MSP or TGR movie, but what it did have was soul. It had enthusiasm and a recklessness that I actually appreciated. There were no  superstars getting paid to ski, but instead  local ski bums, serving tables at night and shredding all day. Action Jackson had a kind of soul that neither MSP nor TGR could ever match. It reminded me why we all love skiing so much. Because it’s awesome. Duh.


But this girls trip wasn’t just about skiing, food, hiking, or spending quality time together, it was about dancing. Lots, and lots of dancing. First we went to the Cadillac and squeezed into their vintage style booths and chatted with some randoms, then headed next door to the classic Jackson bar, the Million Dollar Cowboy. We tried our best at two-stepping, but as Mountain Athlete strength coach Jon told me, I just suck at it. The Cowboy may be a great place to do some old-fashioned two-stepping, but the real dance party started after the bar closed and we headed to a house party. With a dj, and flashing lights. I don’t even know who I danced with, but we definitely danced. and danced, and danced. Till the lights came on and the dj stopped, and Crystal told him to play one more song. But it was 6 am. There would be no more songs, heck, there wasn’t even any taxis left to take us back to Wilson. We had successfully danced till dawn, I don’t think I’ve done that since I was 19. That is exactly what good friends are for; epic adventures you can only do once in awhile, but when you do, they make you smile for a life time (and inspire Katy Perry dance parties at your desk on Monday morning).

The Dance Party



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