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Sometimes a new diet can be overwhelming. Sometimes an old diet can be too. Sometimes just eating well while life is rushing by can be overwhelming. But it is definitely doable. Here’s how.


In the past month I’ve been in Idaho, Colorado, Texas and Salt Lake City. It’s been absolute chaos. I’m on the road the second work gets out on Friday, and have (usually) been arriving home late on Sunday nights. Except for Austin. Austin I took it one step further and took the 6:30 am flight home Monday morning. I dragged my exhausted post-ACL body out of bed, made it to the airport, spilled coffee down my entire dress, and arrived to work 45 minutes later than I said I would. Not exactly a success, but I did manage to eat well ok throughout the month. With a little bit of time management and self control, you can too.


1. Be prepared – Know you’re going out of town? Make a list of healthy snacks that you know will be easy to access and store on the trip. Double check to see if you’re going to have a kitchen or fridge available. If not, get out the ol’ cooler, some ice, and fill her up.


2. That goes for at home too. Try planning your meals in advance. You don’t have to do every meal, but knowing what you’re having for lunch Monday – Friday can simplify every morning, 0r noon-time hunger-driven poor choice. Try making enough food at dinner to have leftovers for lunch, or make a big batch of chili, shepherd’s pie, or soup on Sunday to get you through the week.


2. Keep it simple – When I’m at home, I have a cabinet full of spices and a fridge full of different produce. But when traveling simplicity is the name of the game. I’ll prep veggies that are easy to snack on raw before traveling. Carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers are my favorite. I always have some fruit on hand too, depending on the season I’ll have apples, bananas, peaches, and usually some dry fruit too to throw in my pack when adventuring.


3. Keep snacks on hand – My homemade lara style bars are perfect when I’m on the road. I can easily carry several with me for a long weekend without them getting in the way. I also like to carry a small ziplock of pre-cut veggies, or a piece of fruit that will travel well, like an apple. I like to think of them as my emergency food; like when I’m halfway between Reno and Salt Lake and starving. Gas stations are no place for finding anything gluten free, let alone healthy.


4. Live it up – Hey, you’re on vacation right? You may was well enjoy it! Go out, try something new, or explore a new grocery store for a product you haven’t tried before. You never know what you may fall in love with. Be smart, read labels and decide what is worth the risk and what isn’t. Don’t eat something that will make you feel like garbage for the rest of the trip, but if that gluten free marzipan almond cookie from a local bakery is calling your name? EAT IT!



Here’s an example snack list of items I brought to ACL and camping in Stanley Idaho:


1. Pre-sliced veggies – zucchini, carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers and pear “heirloom” tomatoes. They are similar to grape tomatoes in size, but pear shaped and succulent. Hands down the yummiest tomato variety I discovered this summer!


2. Hummus – homemade or you can buy it.


3. Hard-boiled eggs – easy, portable, clean sources of protein


4. Smoked Salmon – If you’ve got a cooler, this is delicious with the pre-sliced veggies!


5. Homemade Zucchini Muffins – I put 4 in Tupperware and packed them in my suitcase.


6. Linsey found Gluten-free Falafal at H.E.B. in San Antonio. Perfect picnic addition for ACL.


7. My Sweet and Spicy bars (like a lara bar, but cheaper!)


8. Fruit – apples, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, probably not a banana unless you want smashed banana in the bottom of your bag.


9. Dried fruit and nuts – I go for raw nuts and dried fruit with no sugar added. Apricots and macadamias are one of my favorite combinations, but you can’t go wrong with almonds and raisins either!



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