September? Where did you go?

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Where did September go? I’ve definitely been a weekend warrior; with trips every weekend this month, I feel like I walk into work on Monday like a zombie, reaching for a cup of tea and dreaming sweet, crunchy cookies by 3. But sleep deprivation and ridiculous sugar cravings aside, it has been an amazing September!


Idaho sunsets


Stanley, ID: 100 people, 2 bars, a dozen tvs, and no LSU game. Now usually, I’m not one to lament the lack of a football game on TV. I may not even be lamenting it. But as our SUP boarding session on Redfish Lake got cut short on Saturday night due to said game, I cared. It’s Labour Day weekend, the mark for many to the end of summer, and maximizing my time in the sun was my first priority! From bicycles, to SUP, to camping, I spent every minute of it in the outdoors.

Re and I post Fischer Creek at Redfish Lake


Stanley has been a staple in my friend’s labour day weekend plans for the past three years, but I was a rookie. Sure, I had heard about the epic single track, the delicious bakery, and the stunning Sawtoothes, but I must have been listening with salt in my ears, because I definitely wasn’t ready for what I saw.

We started off the weekend riding the legendary Fischer Creek. The rampant wildfires from three years ago have left a forest of stark, grey, matchsticks, with loose singletrack weaving in and out of the ghostly, branchless trunks. It’s fast, smooth, and put a massive smile on my face! We then played on Redfish Lake, ate gf pizza, soaked in the natural hot springs, slept under the stars, and rode miles more single track. It may of been a smores-less camping experience, but there was more than enough wine and tomatoes fresh from the garden to make up for it!



Sarah Kay and Steve Tie the Knot! 

Back row paparazzi

After celebrating a 4 day work week, I packed up and flew out Friday night for Denver. Denver is a bit of a reunion town, most people I know from growing up live in the Denver/Boulder area now, and visiting for two days can turn into a cluster of socializing and time management! My darling friend Jamie picked me up on Friday from the airport, where we headed downtown for the gourmet burgers at Park and Company, then headed to the Level One Premiere. There was a time when I lived and breathed autumn air for ski movies. Now, I feel like they are all the same. Instead of watching with rapt attention as I lusted after last years bountiful snow, I caught up with one of my favorite ladies, Kate, who I haven’t seen in two years! It was a much better way to spend the night that watching jibbers get their urban on!

The next day Jamie and I did what Jamie and I do best: we did some serious hanging out. We ate delicious Gluten free peanut butter pancakes, talked, listened to music, and drank tea. Then I headed to Sara Kay and Steve’s wedding!


Sara Kay is a wonderful girlfriend from my Western State days. Now, saying “my Western State days” impies that I went to WSC, which is a little bit of a stretch. I attended CBA and hung out with everyone at Western, I was just the baby! We were ridiculous, giggly, and most conversations ended with the classic Sara “oo Pip…”. She is one of the most loving, lovable, cuddly people I know. Seriously, she makes me want to curl up on the coach next to her, drinking hot cocoa and laughing underneath a massive, cozy blanket as it snows outside. She is one of those girlfriends that always leaves you with warm fuzzy feelings of being truly blessed with the people you’ve surrounded yourself by. She always has a smile on her face, even when she is sad, crying, and doesn’t feel like smiling. It just somehow pokes through.

Hannah, Sara and I

Their wedding was fun, intimate, personal, and one hell of a dance party. I even almost (almost) stole a toddler from the dance floor because he was so stinking cute! And he had some serious moves!

dance party!!

Seriously! Look at those big brown eyes!

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