Weekday Sprints

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Today we ran 6 200 meter sprints. Technically it was 8, but the first two were at 80%, so I didn’t count them. As I sprinted and recovered, sprinted and recovered, I came up with this little diddy. (You write poetry when you run sprints right?


1. Monday is slow to start and gasping at the end, but somehow it’s the fastest

2. Tuesday’s momentum starts off strong but fizzles just before the end.

3. Wednesday, you’re almost half way there. Like a stitch in your side, trying to come out at            the end still breathing

4. Thursday slows down, so close, yet so far way.

5. Friday is faster, yet tired from the rest. You’re so close, just one step further!

6. Saturday, you’re there! as your sprint to the end, 1 second faster, 1 second closer to the             finish line ahead.


Clearly my idea would of worked much better with 5 sprints, but there were 6. That last one hurt, and was definitely nothing like lying in and making waffles. This may of been inspired by a conversation about days of the week panties. Maybe.

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