Weekend Warrior: No Training, Only Playing!

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When I was a kid (and kid is a loose term, because technically I’m still a kid), it used to drive me NUTS when my dad would talk to me about training. He is an avid cyclist, nordic skier, and runner. He is constantly in training mode and his body is constantly begging for a break, but he may just be the fittest 64-year-old I know. And, yes, this is probably where I get my “overtraining”/addicted to endorphin’s from. Although, anyone who has met my mum wouldn’t blink an eye if I said I had inherited it from her too. I guess I was destined to work hard and play hard.

Getting ready to glissade!

Totally in control....

My dad’s constant talks about “training” when I was growing up drove me insane. I dabbled in nordic,  ran track, played soccer, ski raced, and danced. I wasn’t concerned about “getting the most” out of my physical activity, I was simply having fun. I was active for the sake of being active, I ate what I wanted and I loved every minute of it. The second my dad turned around to ask me about my day “training” on the hill, I could feel my muscles tense, the tension rise, and a massive wall of resistance building as I told him “I don’t know, I’m not really training, I’m just out there having fun.”

Getting candid below the ridge

In all honesty, I was definitely training. If chasing gates on the same course for four hours  isn’t training, I’m not sure what is. If you’re not focusing on improving a specific skill in you’re skiing, I’m not sure why you’re out there.  I can see my dad’s point, but to me, training meant grueling away, something that wasn’t fun, but something that was necessary. There was no way in hell that I would consider skiing training under that definition.


But as I got older, I started to see a need for a set schedule, for setting goals are and objectives to reach them. I still don’t like to think in terms of training, but after Jupiter Peak last week I was able to experience one of the best parts of training over the weekend; recovery.





For the first weekend in two months I wasn’t focused on making sure I got a long run, a long ride, good sleep, and eating clean. What did I do instead? I hiked the Pfeifer Horn, an 11 mile, 5,000+ Ft. hike and  mtn. biked for four hours at Snowbasin. Which is pretty much whatever I have been doing just about every weekend while I’ve been training. Maybe I was just having fun after all.


View from the top of the Pfeifer Horn















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