Weekend Warrior: Eat, Bike, Run

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Last weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation, delicious food, and fun. Not only did I make some yummy meals, but I also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2, hiked with ms. Erin, and rode a new trail! It was definitely a weekend warrior success.

After watching Harry Potter 7.2 on Saturday morning, Jamon, Liz and I headed up to Park City to ride the Mid Mountain trail from Deer Valley, to Powerline, up to the Crest Trail, and finally descended back down into the Canyons. It was an absolutely stunning day, and despite the fact that I was glutened on Thursday, I pulled myself together and loved the ride! We then headed over to our friend’s house for a post ride bbq. After some delicious grilled Alaskan Salmon, grilled garlic scapes, and cucumber salad, the only adventure I wanted was to go to sleep.

Sunday has been my “big run” day for the past couple weeks. I’m training for the Jupiter Peak Steeple Chase on August 6th, and, since I’m not much of a runner, setting up an actual training schedule has been key to getting me out on the trails. But last Sunday, it was a little rough. I was definitely feeling the affects of the glutening and the bike ride. Even after three of delicious Buckwheat waffles, I was struggling to get my butt out of the door.

That’s what friends are for right? Luckily, I had made plans with my good friend Erin to hike the 17 mile Jupiter Peak course, and since I hate when people bail on me, I couldn’t call and say I wasn’t up for it. At this point, whether I’m running or hiking, it’s time of my feet that counts. We definitely didn’t make it all the way up to Jupiter Peak, but we got a great hike in and I have a much better idea of what I’m in for in a couple weeks!

I finished out the weekend with some delicious Stuffed Poblano Peppers, inspired by the Chili Rellenos Jamon ate at Pescado Blanco’s, good company, and an early night.


With all these adventuring, the gear I use is key.  This week, I tried out the new Salomon Speedcross 2 shoes, which had amazing tread on the loose, steep Powerline trail. While I was pumped on my shoes, I really, REALLY missed my hydration pack. I left it in Montana,  and my smaller, 2 liter bladder in my massive, backcountry skiing pack just isn’t cutting it!

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