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I was that kid slyly reading underneath my desk in elementary school, the kid reading ahead  in Treasure Island in 7th grade English, and (seriously) the kid who got extra English homework throughout high school. Seriously, I’m not kidding, I as assigned/ kind of asked for extra homework throughout high school. No I wasn’t a complete geek, I did have a social life (even if my bestie and I were referred to as Romy and Michelle on one occasion, we definitely spent ample time being teenage girls and thinking that we were AWESOME! Which, of course, we were!), I just really, really love to read. I love books, I love the smell of books, the feel of the pages, even how they look staked on my shelf. You could even say that I’m possesive over my books. Sure, jeans, tops, shoes, they all come and go, but books? You better return that book when you’ve finished it! 


The daily thunderstorms in Salt Lake City this summer leave me with literary cravings.  I can’t seem to find enough time to read, cook, and workout lately, my days are turning into a jumble of all three. I work out at lunch, steal a couple pages before I ride home, sneak in a couple sentences here and there as I prep for dinner,


I love discovering new books, new characters, writing styles, and even delving into the world of science and nutrition, as I strive to learn more about why my body acts the way it does. But sometimes, all I wand to do is return to an old favorite.


Inspired by the latest Geeks Who Drink theme, I’m heading back to Harry Potter.  It may seem perfectly timed with the release of the last movie, but don’t let that fool you. I’m a well-worn Potter fan. From my first taste in 4th grade, to reading the last book (which I preordered on Amazon) during my mum’s wedding, I have been addicted to Harry from the very beginning.


Rereading The Philosopher’s Stone is like having lunch with and old friend, I know exactly where the conversation is going, what is going to be said next. It’s comforting in its familiar fits of giggles, and moments of anxiety (even though we all know that Harry is going to be just fine). It’s like when my step dad, sings the first few lines to a favorite song when the first chords start; he knows exactly where the conversation is going. As Vernon paddles his family up to the abandoned house in the middle of the stormy sea, I’m already seeing Hagrid pick the door up off the floor and say “well, of course, you’ll know all about ‘ogwarts by now, Harry”.

Some people may think that rereading a book is a waste of time, but for me, it’s like coming home to an old friend, with a yummy flapjack and cup of tea waiting for me.

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