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Whitefish, Montana: what’s not to love? You have mountains, lakes, greenery, space, farms, and entertaining people for miles around. No wonder you steal a little bit more of my heart each time I visit.  Not only do you keep me playing all hours of your long summer days, buy my mama’s food is as delicious as it comes. It’s a running joke in the family that the first room I head to in the house is the pantry, and with one as well stocked and spacious as hers, why wouldn’t I?

This past 4th of July, Jamon and I took a break from the manic rides and endless debauchery of Crested Butte, and headed to my parent’s quiet, cozy house tucked into the meadows underneath the Whitefish range. We packed the Subaru full of toys (4 bikes, 1 stand up paddle board, 2 tennis rackets, running shoes, cameras, and o ya, clothes!) and took of for a long weekend full of adventuring under the northern summer sun.

Whenever I’m visiting, I always have a “hit list” of must see places and must do things. Usually Tupelo’s and riding Spencer Lake top my list, and yet, neither one of those happened this time! Instead, I ate delicious elk chorizo tacos on handmade corn tortillas at Pescado Blanco, took the “tour de Whitefish” and rode from our house to town, and back on the new Whitefish Trail (which was awesome! I could of ridden this trail everyday if it existed when I lived there!) and rode the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park. The Going to the Sun Road isn’t open to the top just yet, the absurd amount of snow fall from this winter and late spring have kept the temperatures cool so far, but riding the newly tarmacked road with no traffic (it’s only open to buses right now) made it one of the best road rides I’ve had! Afterall, Jim did feel like he could of just stayed in Glacier last fall when we rode through Europe, although, the meats are better in Germany.

We played hard, we slept hard, and we definitely ate hard.  O man, I love going home, I love seeing my family, and o man do I love my mama’s kitchen. It’s inspiring, spacious, full of light and full of ingredients. It’s the perfect place to try new recipes that have been stockpiling. Some of my favorites from the week were:

Banana Peanutbutter Pancakes

Sweet Potato Waffles

Garden Fritatta

No Potato Salad from Elana’s Pantry

Sweet and Red Potato Salad

Rosemary Flank Steak with Mango Salsa

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