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A week ago, I was surfing in Bali with five of the best girls I could wish to go on vacation with, Saturday, I basked in the Salt Lake sun on my mountain bike, and Monday, I skied ten inches of powder at Snowbird. The crazy variety in my playing isn’t the only thing that is changing in my life; for the first time since I was 13, I’m officially a weekend warrior. Not to say that I don’t own an alarm clock and that I can’t get up before sunrise to play, but, for the most part, my days of endless play are suddenly limited. And I’m excited about it. 


Six weeks ago, I joined Spy Hop Productions as their new Development Coordinator. Spy Hop Productions is a local, nonprofit organization, that mentors youth via film production, audio production, and the digital arts. As somebody who has spent more than half of the year playing with footage on iMovie, only to never upload it to Vimeo due to my poor editing skills, I was (and am!) so excited to join such a cool organization.

My search for a job (post-waitressing that is) has been a little long, sometimes frustrating, and very, very, picky. I’m excited to say that I didn’t compromise anything when I took this job. Yes, I now have a desk, a work computer, and technically a 9-5 position, but I’m excited about what I do.


“Trading in endless powder days for a desk job?!” I hear you say. “This girl must be crazy!” You wouldn’t be the first to tell me this. At the end of day, I need more than skiing endless lines  to keep me motivated. I need a different kind of mental challenge. I need deadlines. Yup. There it is, the big D word. It’s what was standing between me and freelancing.  I know, I know,  I can set my own deadlines, but there is something very different between the ones I create and the ones dictating the grant writing schedule.


However, just because I now have an actual schedule week to week, that doesn’t mean my adventures are over. Not. At. All. Some of my adventures may be a little more local now, but they are far from over. After all, I was just surfing, hiking, and getting absurdly sun burnt with six of the raddest ladies to ever hit the freeskiing scene and the beach, which I will definitely write more about later…


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