Rant: There is no excuse for bad training.

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There is no excuse for poor training. Now, I know I’m still a rookie in the field of training others, but in the field of training myself? I have a couple of years experience. My training is only as good as my technique, and my success there is due to my years of working with coaches. ¬†Learning how to squat, deadlift, clean and snatch correctly have been key to my success. Which brings me to my rant: how do you intend to help your clients achieve their goals if you fail to coach them correctly?

Is it laziness, timidness or just lack of knowledge? Don’y you see a massive problem when a client’s achille’s tendon is so tight is is difficult for her to put her heels on the ground? Why then would you start her squatting with a barbell instead of a pvc pipe? Seriously, thats just not ok.

When I first started Crossfit I contacted my previous trainer, Nate Green, to ask him what he thought of the programming. His thoughts? Yes, there can be fantastic results, but with poor technique and the competitive nature of Crossfit workouts can tempt participants to lift too much weight and injure themselves.  I would need to pay constant attention to my form and the weight I used for it to be safe.

Isn’t it up to the trainers then to make sure that clients are safe? As a trainer, it’s up to us to judge if clients are trying to use too much weight, and when they are, to tell them to lift a little bit less. Sure, their egos may be a little bit bruised because their not lifting as much as the guy next to them, but their backs will be thanking you the next morning. Plus, no one gets fitter when their injured.

It’s these people, who haven’t received years of coaching, who show up to a gym, receive poor instruction and inevitably end up hurting themselves. Poor training doesn’t create a fit lifestyle for anyone.

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