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It’s snowing in the Wasatch. Not just snowing, dumping and my facebook newsfeed is spewing “best powder day of the year”, “sooo deep at Alta”, and “waist deep? Hell yeah!” every five minutes or so. What am doing on facebook? Well, obviously, I’m not skiing. In fact, I’m so far away from the Little Cottonwood Canyon right now that I couldn’t make it home for an hour of this powder day if I tried. And I’m totally ok with that. 

Where am I, then, if I’m bailing on this epic spring storm? I’m in the desert! The other great part of UT, you know, the one with all the canyons, fantastic rock formations, o and spring about a month earlier than the Wasatch? Earlier this week, the skiing was nothing to rave about, and in my search for a little bit of warmth and sun, I headed south. Our first stop was in St. George, to test out my new Marmot Thor Tent and Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping Bag. The Thor  tent is my first tent. I’m so excited to finally own a tent! Trying to borrow my mum’s was getting a little bit tricky, what with her in Montana and very fond of her toys! Having a daughter that wants to borrow her tent ten-hours away was definitely not an ideal situation. The Marmot Thor is a little heavy duty for your average spring or summer romp around nature, (it’s a four season tent) but it definitely stood up to the gail and the rain we found in St. George on Saturday night. Yet despite the rain, my Pinnacle sleeping bag helped me sleep like a baby. It is definitely the coziest sleeping bag I’ve ever cuddled up with! The next morning, we cleaned up camp and attempted to pre-ride the True Grit race course, which Jamon is racing in next weekend. The course was only partially marked, which made the pre-ride a little tricky. We definitely got a little lost, checked the map multiple times, and ended up riding some parts backwards, and riding way further than we had intended. But honestly, I was up for a good butt-kicking bike ride! Even one that was so long that my tailbone was begging for a rest from my saddle long before our ride was over. First ride of the season was AWESOME! So awesome, that I’m totally ok with missing a 20 inch powder at Alta. Although, my butt is definitely a little sore….

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