The Whole Grocer, A Whole New Experience in Shopping Gluten Free

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One of my favorite things when I arrive in a new town is to check out the grocery store. Yes, I know, I just arrived in Jackson Hole, with the Tetons laid out before me and the infamous Cowboy bar waiting for me to get thirsty, but it’s the Whole Grocer that is calling my name.

Why Whole Grocer instead of Albertson’s? Sure, Albertson’s is cheaper, bigger, and well, full of more crap. If I were searching the isles for endless empty carbohydrates and sugary snacks, Albertson’s would be my first choice. But, given my gluten-free diet and my love for all foods healthy and tasty, processed sugar is definitely not my answer.

The Whole Grocer is an independently owned store in Jackson. It is filled with hard-to-find health food brands and more common ones, such as Boulder Chips or Tostitos. It has a little bit for everyone. But the greatest surprise of all? Wandering past the chips and crackers (well, I may as well take a look) and stumbling upon fresh baked GLUTEN FREE goodies. I’m in the middle of Wyoming, and for the first time, I’ve found a grocery store where I can pick up a fresh baked loaf of Banana bread, Chocolate chip cookies, corn muffins or blueberry muffins? NO WAY! I was in complete heaven. And to only make matters even better, I rounded the next corner and found an entire aisle backed with Gluten Free delights I’ve never even heard of before. From Udi’s, to Rudi’s to Pamela’s to Skinny Chips, the Whole Grocer covers and entire span of Gluten free options. I wanted to buy everything, try everything, I wanted to just sit down right there and start munching. But alas, there was (for once) too many choices, and I don’t think all the hiking we did up Cody or  Four Pine justified quite that much snacking.


My top picks:


GoRaw Superfood Cookies – In an attempt to calm my ever-quaking belly, I’m not eating any sugar at the moment. This little guys calmed my aching sweet tooth with their coconut, sesame seeds, and dates!


Skinny Crisps Cinnamon Crackers – Do it, I dare you, eat just a couple. With no flour (not even rice flour!) or dairy, these guys are surprisingly perfect. Cruncy, sweet, cinnamony, addiction. The ingredients were so simple, I was inspired to come home and make my own version.


Kaia Foods Dates and Spices Granola – I’ll be honest, I miss cereal. I miss the satisfying crunch and the cool milk. I miss snacking on it straight out of the box. But most Gluten – Free options out there, are so full of puffed rice and puffed corn that there is hardly any nutritious, or satisfying about them. Not so with Kaia Foods! Their buckwheat granola made with sprouted buckwheat, coconut, flax seed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds pack a nutritional punch of fiber, Omega – 3s and flavor to keep my tummy happy all morning long!

My weekly pilgrimage  to Sunflower Market

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