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Gnar, a little word hugely overused in the ski industry. Maybe that guy next to you in the tram is only throwing out gnar every other word to mock you and your skittle friends, or maybe he really is getting rowdy. ¬†Who knows. As G.N.A.R. reminds us, what’s most important is having fun.

Yes, skiing is fun. Somedays I forget this. I get so caught up in getting the shot, taking advantage of a storm and networking that I occasionally lose sight of why I started this game in the first place. Last January is a perfect example of this, Re Wikstrom and I were shooting during the first big storm at Alta and all I could think about was making multiple turns, the whole way down the run, not just three turns and wait. I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t care, I just wanted to ski.

This season, I’m making sure that I take care of that one little thing, putting fun first. I spent last Friday following the Alta shredders around the mountain, attempting to keep up to speed and hit every feature they did. I had no idea there were so many little lips, bumps, and kickers between Fred’s Trees and the bottom of Collins. Holy crap, did I have a blast. I don’t think I’ve hit that many airs in one run or skied so fast all season. That’s when I remembered it, that when I challenge myself, I enjoy it. I love the adrenaline that comes with the speed of skiing. The only problem is that sometimes I forget how much I love it. I get caught up in the chatting, the tea breaks, and the one turn wonders and don’t ski to my potential. This season is about skiing to my potential. Whether I’m following Carston and his flippy spinny things down the Kitty or chasing Jay Beyer up a skin track. No more lollygagging. It just isn’t as much fun.

and yes, I really am the gnarliest skier here.

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