Slug Games 2011

Posted by piphunt on January 8, 2011 in skiing |

Tonight was the first Slug Games of 2011 at Park City Mountain Resort. I joined up with the ladies from SheJumps to judge the skiers jibbing on Slug Magazine’s custom setup. Props to PC Park crew for creating a sweet set up!

I haven’t watched park nor set foot in a park in about two years. When I’m not there, I don’t really miss it, but I definitely had the urge to throw on my 2012’s and join in! One of the things I like most about park skiing is the tangibility of progression. In the park you work on a trick, you land the trick, and you perfect the trick; you mark your progression with how many tricks you know. In big mountain, I can ski the same line everyday and I’m never really sure if I’m skiing better than I was last season, or if I’m in the same place. As much as I love skiing steeps and powder everyday, some days I miss the tangibility of the learning curve in the park. It’s so much easier to work hard everyday when you know what you’re working towards. Watching the groms throw down in the park today reminded me how gratifying it can be when you finally land a trick.

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