Day one: Crossfit Dryland

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Being strong is one of my biggest priorities. With strength, I have the confidence to ski bigger lines, walk out of gnarlier crashes, and stomp bigger airs. The stronger I am, the better I am. I believe the same is true for every skier. Crossfit is an effective way to get in shape for the upcoming season

Yesterday was the first day of SLC Crossfit’s inaugural dryland program. Nick Fowler and I have been putting together a six-week program to kick some butts into ski shape. I’m really excited to work on this program. The dryland program will embody Crossfits functional movement theory, and utilize the central movements; squats, deadlifts, Clean and Jerks, Medicine ball Cleans, and GHD work, but with a skiing twist! The six week program will use these movements to strengthen the core, legs, and increase exposiveness and power.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of the “ski myself into shape” philosophy. I think it’s dumb, and I think it’s dangerous, especially if you’re skiing the lines that many of my friends and I ski. Why put yourself at risk for a blown knee when it can be prevented? In the ski world, I’ve noticed that heading to the gym is usually the reaction to an injury instead of a method for injury prevention. I hope that by introducing some of the ladies I ski with to Crossfit, I can help eliminate this problem! Plus, I’ll be posting our workouts here, so that our satellite East Coast and West Coast ladies can let me know how they’re doing!

I think day one was a huge success. It was fun (which is the most important thing!) and the ladies got a taste of a benchmark Crossfit workout, Fran. Fran is not very nice. But, you should meet her, and decide for yourself.



65 lb Thrusters (we scaled it to 35 lbs)


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