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The snow is falling, I’ve got two days of skiing under my belt, and the ┬ástoke is high at Alta. But instead of getting my competition schedule and setting my clock for registration, I’m looking in the opposite direction. This season, I won’t be throwing myself down solid venues searching for a line score and solid skiing, I’m going to tell the young’ns how to do it instead. That’s right, I’m the newest coach for the AltaBird Freeride Team, and PUMPED! I really couldn’t be more excited. I started talking to Rob Greener, the head coach at the end of last season. The more the thoughts formulated, the more excited I got about my next step.

To be honest, I’ve always thought about coaching. It’s something I’ve felt like I could have a knack for. I know that I’m not the strongest and best skier out there, that plenty of these kids can teach me a thing or two about skiing bigger lines, and that some of them will out ski me daily, but what I do have, is a technical eye. For the past six seasons I have been that person at the bottom of the venue watching other people ski, thinking “ooo dropping hand, dropping shoulder, probably should of popped a little bit more on that take off..” What gives me the right to be so critical? Well, I don’t think I really have any sort of right, because I make these mistakes all the time. The difference is, my coaches at CBA drilled ┬ástrong technical skiing into me so hard that I can’t help but think about it. It’s just there, like this little background, Kent Rychel sounding blurb, telling me to keep both my hands up.

Looking back, my coaches were some of the most influential people in my childhood. They shaped and supported my dreams, knew when to take me seriously, and taught me that a little tough love can go a long way. They even let me cry so hard in Winter Park that I lost both my contacts. I hope that through the AltaBird Team, that maybe I can influence tomorrow’s skiers as much as my coaches influenced me. Maybe one day one of them will hear my voice in the back of their head when their rallying back seat down a mogul field about to eat it. Just maybe.

CBA Team Camp, Beertooth Pass 2003

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