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I love to travel. I love to pick up, and leave the familiar behind. But there is also a part of me that loves routine. My morning routine of eggs, tea, and reading, my (almost) daily ride down to SLC Crossfit , and the total control I have of eating whatever I have that comes out of my kitchen. It actually doesn’t take too long for me to start to miss these things when I’m on the road. For some it would be living out of suitcase, or the lack of clean socks. I miss working out, and cooking.
However, the beauty of crossfit is that I can do it anywhere. Sure, I can’t find weights and do cleans until I collapse in the middle of a farmer’s field, but I can run, jump, climb, or drop and do 10 burpees just about anywhere. The difference is finding the motivation.
Yes, I know, my friends tease me about my over enthusiastic motivation. I’m not very good at relaxing. Where some people may have a hard time getting off the couch, I struggle to stay on it. But there is something about not having a place to go to workout, that makes it trickier to feel like I’m getting a workout. However, I won’t dismay (and neither should you) if you’re on the road and need to burn some energy, here’s what I’ve been doing:
1. Running (right, I said this was interesting. Running until I get just a little bit lost, than trying to find my way back. This can definitely backfire. My proposed 5k turned into a 2 hour trek about the fields in West Berkshire trying to find my way back to my Auntie’s. However, I did feel like I’d done something!
2. Throw together a quick, body weight work out. squats, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and burpees. If there is a park nearby, the playground in a great place to find some benches for box jumps or monkey bars for pull-ups, knees to elbows, dangling upside down like a 5-year old….
3. Use what is available as a weights. Use a massive dictionary to weight sit ups, or grab the broom and do some overhead squats to switch things up.
3. Hire a bike and check out the local sights. Or, if you’re in a place like England, walk the footpaths in between the village pubs. Even if you get bored of walking, at least the pubs at the end will keep motivating you.
This Guy keeps me motivated.

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