Back in the day…. we used to laugh

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Life goes on from day to day; routines, schedules, monotony. But then there are those moments, the ones that take your breath away. When four glasses of wine later your feet are moving and suddenly you realize that this smile on your face is bigger than it has been in awhile.
When did life turn into this routine? I moved to Salt Lake 4 years ago, a small town girl, passionate, excited and confused by the lack of laughter and smiles in the city. I sat down to lunch one day and entered a random conversation with a fellow student. “What do you like to do?” I asked him. “Like to do? Well, I go to work, I go to class, I go to the gym.” Right, but what do you love? When I was asked this question, I bubbled over with excitement, skiing, biking, writing, photography, reading, dancing, working out, I just love. I’m a lover.
Four years later and some days I wonder where that excitement went. I feel like I’ve turned into that person. You know, I work, I workout, I play a little, I kind of have a social life. But then, I find those people that I love again and remember; coming home to a chorus of “PPIIPP” and a dog pile of bodies in seconds, high fives, laughter. Those people whom when you get together, you never stop smiling, laughing, and talking about that one time when we had that party and…..
All of a sudden I’m acting like I’m 18 again, hanging out in a hot tub in Molly’s silver hot pants and taking pulls from a wine bottle underwater. Shouting things that are ridiculous and absurd and yet, there is nowhere else I’d rather be.
And then we danced. Generations of friends getting down to Journey and Jonny Cash, we all want to ride our bicycles and our hair is coming down. Literally. I think Bryan’s is way longer than mine now, and Adam, well, his mutton chops more than make up for the lack of length in his ponytail. These are the guys that I love. That make me laugh a little harder and cheer when they think Pip is starting to be fun again. We all need people like this. We all grow up, move, and meet new people. But the ones we love are irreplaceable. Sure, the people in our future may understand who we’ve turned out to be, but it’s the people from our past who understand where we came from. They celebrate it, and you should too.

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