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The hair salon; an iconic image in girldom. You may just go to the salon to get a trim, a new style, a new color, but somewhere along the line, the relationship between client and hairdresser turned into one of gossip and therapy. Men may have stereotyped the image of pouring their heart out to a random bartender over a few too many beers, but girls, I guess they head to the salon. After all, what’s a better way to deal with a bad day than a fresh look and some fresh confidence?
I think I missed this initiation. The salon isn’t a place of sanctitude for me. Sure, I like to look good, and I love the idea of getting a new look. But two hours in a chair, and I’m wondering when on earth she’s going to start trimming my bangs, (isn’t that why I came in here?). My hair’s been moused, blow dried, straightened (seriously?) and just when I see her pulling out those scissors one more time….. “I’ll be right back with some hairspray.” Really? I don’t even own hairspray…. ugh. Maybe next time I’ll just find some scissors myself.

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