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Posted by piphunt on May 21, 2010 in Adventures of Pip |

It’s funny how it happens, a little giddiness; a catch in my breath as I swallow the air that lingers in my throat. There they are, the mountains. I haven’t been away too long, it’s only been a week since I saw a range. But this range? This range I’ve never seen, and they are as captivating as the cliches and stereotypes portray.
My dad, Melody and I arrived in Chamonix-Mont Blanc yesterday, wandered down the high street, and hired a Specialized Dolce from Zero G with in the first hour. I was so excited. The mountains, the town, and the sunshine added to the fact that I haven’t played outside much since I hurt my shoulder. It’s time to take my training wheels off!
My dad and I headed up to Le Tour for a quick sunset pedal and to quench my appetite for wind in my face and a little breathiness. Le Tour passes through a little alpine village called Argentiere , which, once upon a time, could of been my home. Prior to moving to Crested Butte, my parents had returned to the Alps and looked at properties in Argentiere. The mountains are massive, intimidating and beautiful. The evening shadows bring an alpine coolness to the warm spring afternoons that reminded me that all mountain towns share similar a lifestyle; a respect and passion for the mountains, for the both the protection and pleasure they bring us. Despite the language, the food, and the architecture, one thing remains certain; in either Argentiere or Crested Butte, a love for the outdoors and enthusiasm for the mountains is constant, inescapable. Apparently, it was impossible for me (or my parents) to escape the mountains.
As for next season, does anyone want to go to France with me? All of a sudden, Utah seems a little boring…

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