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It’s been a busy couple weeks since Mikaela and I left NYC, hungover, worn out, and ready for a break. A break was not exactly what I found. I had a couple days of work and manic errand running trying to get everything done before my parent’s arrived and graduation day came. And went. In a blur. It’s sort of funny to think my academic career in English may of come to an end in a falsetto of grandeaur in polyester robes in a crowd of strangers. We left the same way we entered; as freshman we wandered into the union for orientation, wide eyed, lost, and unsure, at graduation we searched for the correct door into the Huntsman building, wide eyed, lost, and still unsure. It was a little bit anticlimatic, especially since I finished all of my exams in December. But, it was a good excuse to have a bit of a bbq and celebrate in the garden!
Two days after graduation Jamon and I jumped on a plane and headed over to the UK, for an epic tour of my family, friends, and favorite places.
I love sharing people, places and things I love with people I love. The past week has been an epic culmination of all these things. The UK completes half my identity, especially linguistic, as Jamon realized when we got there. I’m tongue tied between dialects and accents from region to region. At the end of the day it’s all English, but it’s a vernacular dance from south to north and back again.
We spent the first couple days with my Aunt Lovedy in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire , or, also known as the middle of nowhere, UK. We caught up with Meme, my grandmother, built a massive bonfire in her garden, drank some beer, gin, and pimms at the Royal Oak , failed miserably at a game of cricket and had a proper British barbie with some family and friends. Thank god for heat lamps!
Next we flew into Inverness and took the train into Aviemore to meet up with some old friends and spend a couple days biking in the highlands. We hired some bikes from Mike’s Bikes and set off to explore my former love. Unfortunately, the trails got wrecked this past winter since it was exceptionally wintery, and where single track once existed, it has now been replaced with felled trees and branches and other greenery.
However, I did discover that The Mountain Cafe has lots and lots of gluten free goodies! I took full advantage of them, sandwiches, soup, cakes, if only more places were as GF friendly!
Unfortunately our plane back down south was canceled due to the volcano. Our London trip was a bust. We ended up on a 14 hour bus between Aviemore and London. However, we did make a 10 hour detour in Edinburgh to make up for the lack on London town.
Edinburgh was a whirlwind of the Royal Mile, Arthur’s Seat, Scotch, Sheep Shagger, Pimms and gardens. Pretty much the best of the Burgh, minus a proper pub crawl!
Plus it was SUNNY! Absolutely amazing weather, lots of tea, and a little bit of sleep.

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