Cheese and Wine

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Sometimes the hardest part about being in a different country is the language. You find yourself in a train station with french signs and french voices, searching for the correct destination for your next ticket and the panic hits. What if I go to the wrong place? What if I can’t find anyone who can help me? Where do I go? It’s like a mini (or a major) anxiety attack before the trip has even really begun, and yet it can be inevitable.
But what makes these moments is not the fear nor the panic, but the simple delight in realizing you do understand or you do recognize; a familiar song on the radio, the victory of finding your way, or, in my case, reading the labels on food in the store.
As a potential celiac and definite gluten free-er, food labels are my stone wall. But what to do when all the labels are in a foreign language and my mini French to English dictionary is missing the word gluten? Scan, scan, scan, and when in doubt, eat Morbier, Camembert, Gruyere, and drink wine. The cheese will never kill me!
Luckily, gluten free is “sans gluten” and I did find a couple hidden treasures in the shop. However, I don’t think they were as good as the hidden treasures I found in the village.

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