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Sometimes you just need a little bit of laughter in your life. Not just giggles, but full blown, my stomach aches and I’m gasping for breath in between body rattling laughter. Where do you find those people, those moments in your life?
This week, I found them on the East coast, sandwiched between my college years and my school years, watching two worlds collide. I love these moments; where the old meets the new and everyone can laugh together.
Mikaela has been the bestie in my life throughout high school. We were dubbed Romy and Michelle by our english teacher, and despite nobody else liking us, we had a damn good time! I met Kate in 2006. It was one of those friends you make when you start dating a guy, and the mutual friendships outlast the boyfriend. She is stunning, smart, funny, and adventurous. I love that I get to visit her wherever her heart takes her next, whether it be Barcelona, NYC, or back home to Montana.
After our shennanigans in Boston, Mikaela and I headed back to NYC, for a quiet night in Kate’s Queens apartment watching How to make it in America, eating take out Indian food from Masala, and drinking vino tinto. We had a big day to gear up for, one night off from the nightlife sounded like an excellent idea.
The next day, Kate headed to work at Boqueria and Mikaela and I set out on the final part of our New York adventure. Note to self: trying to do it all in a day is an awful idea, so we should just relax and enjoy what we can. Our first stop was at Century 21 to get a little bit of bargain shopping in. After we exhausted ourselves there (which didn’t take too long, we both suck at marathon shopping) we jumped back on the subway and headed to Time Square to check out the matinee options for a show. Another note to self: there are no matinees on week days. Denied! But, since it was a gorgeous sunny spring day, we headed to the Whole Foods in the Lincoln Centre, grabbed some lunch, and headed to Central Park to enjoy the sunshine. We may not of seen any of the “sights” of New York, but we wandered, got a little lost, figured out the subway, and laughed a lot, which is way more valuable than a trip to the Empire State Building in my opinion! After lunch we headed to Soho to grab some drinks from Kate, grab some groceries for dinner, and head home.
We had picked out a brown butter, hazelnut and scallops recipe earlier, which we served with baby potatoes and a simple salad. It was delicious, plus I love making dinner for my friends!
The short end of the story for the rest night is Pacha . Marcos, Kate’s roommate, used to work there, so he got us in for free. I don’t have too much experience in massive clubs like this, but it was pretty ridiculous, tons of people, gogo dancers in glass showers, multiple dance floors with different styles of music, and lots of dancing. I still think it’s a miracle I made it on my flight, thank you Mikaela!

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