Maybe ouch is the word… not bird

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I may not of won the Bird, or been anywhere near the podium, but I’m definitely glad I competed. I tried my hardest to ski for me this time. Not for the judges, the crowd, or my ego, but to just ski a line that I would enjoy. I didn’t realize how difficult that would be until I tried it. How do you ski a run in a competition without focusing on the win? I mean, that’s the whole point right? But in order to compete well, one has to play the game well, and that is one thing I don’t excel at.
Snowbird semi-finals was another run where I left pumped, got the results, and was frustrated with them. I went into finals less than pumped. I stood in the gate, and called upon the Crested Butte crew at the start to pump me up! I think their magic worked, because the majority of my run went exactly as planned. I stomped all my airs, made big, fast turns through Fields of Glory, and headed right for the crux at the bottom of my run, the Broom Closet. I’ve had my eye on the Broom Closet since my first Snowbird comp in 2006. It is notorious for eating competitors, but when they stomp it, it is glorious. I was nervous, and wanted to stop and look at my take off before hitting, but really, that isn’t allowed. I turned, took a deep breath, and skied off. The landing, however, wasn’t as good as the take off. The snow on North Baldy was hard and fast, and I anticipated similar snow in my landing. Instead, it was soft and deep, sending me over the handlebars and into the “saplings” at the bottom. I don’t care if they are technically baby trees; those trunks don’t budge when you plow into them! I ended up taking a stump to the back of my left knee. It’s a little tender, bruised, and swollen. But I think it will be ok. Plus, it feels good to ski a line I’m proud off, even if it doesn’t work out in the end!

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