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Posted by piphunt on March 19, 2010 in Where in the World is Pip? |

My mum was googling my domain name yesterday and came across another adventuring Pip. The Adventures of Pip is a children’s book by Enid Blyton following a pixie and her adventures. O so appropriate. Enid Blyton is an English children’s author whose books were deemed sexist banned in the U.K. However, her Secret Seven, Noddy, and Fantastic Five series are extremely popular around the world today. I enjoyed them as a kid, and my cousin even named my Grandmother’s shetland pony Noddy when we were 5!
My English teacher in high school, Brad Knopp, also attempted to figure out what mythical creature I best represented throughout high school. In my graduating speech, he went from angel, to pixie, to changling discovering each similarity and difference between their definitions and me. But according to Blyton, I may just be a pixie.

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