De ja vu?

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Last April, Crystal Squared (Crystal Lee and Crystal Wright), Hannah Whitney, Michelle Manning, and I encountered a little mishap on our drive back from Kirkwood. Our Thule exploded. And by exploded, I mean ripped the entire roof rack off my Exploder and disintegrated upon contact with I-80 approximately fifty miles outside of Reno. Five girls, eight pairs of skis, and all our luggage crammed into my car in an attempt to make it back to Salt Lake. Why then, when another box ripped off of Hannah’s box around 1:20 this afternoon, did I feel like we were once again stranded on the side of I-80?

Sooo What now?

Mckenna Peterson, Hannah, Kyle Sul, Ashley Magnuson and I left SLC yesterday at 8:30, headed for the first stop of the FWT in Revelstoke, BC. We spent the night at my parent’s house in Whitefish last night, and continued the drive today. Since the storm had passed, we were hoping it would be a fairly uneventful drive. Definitely not the case. Another box bit the dust. WTF Thule?
However, the ride was beautiful and I took some fun photos out of the car. Here are a couple of my favourites.

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