Christmas in Montucky

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1,340 miles later, I managed a quick trip up to Montana for Christmas with my family. Get together’s in my family mean food; lots of delicious food. And drinking.
My mum is a chef, and Christmas dinner resembles a small commercial kitchen, with weeks of prepping stuffing, pastry crusts, gravy and recipe testing. My stepdad, on the other hand, loves a good drink. His scotch and rum are prized, decanted, and meticulously measured. If you thought you could sneak a sip of his Maccallan’s 25 year old, you were wrong. He will notice it missing. But if you ask, he does share.
This Christmas vacation was full of crack of noon ski days, hot toddys, cold rum, and eating. Dessert turned into a full on Scotch and rum tasting. “Ahh this one tastes like Cape Cod on a winter morning… you’re not really sure if you want to be there” “Yeah, I think I can taste the closet in that one” ” well, this one tastes like a rusty nail.” Who knew rum tasted so delicious on it’s on, or over an ice cube? After the table was littered with crackers, crowns, and empty snifters, we shifted our attention to Apples to Apples.
Have you ever played Apples to Apples? You should. Best. Game. Ever. It’s a word association game, where the judge picks whatever word bests matches the definition he has picked. However, the less literal you are, the more fun this game gets. On Friday night, whipcream was lucky and early mornings were lumpy and bumpy. Although if you asked Gracie, anything that seemed like a non-sequitor was the obvious answer.
I finished out the Montucky celebrations with boxing day celebrations down town. I think I drank about six too many bellini’s and should of left the cigars alone. But hey, that’s what good friends are there for right? Telling me to “just jump” when maybe I shouldn’t…. and magically refilling my champagne class time and time again. Sometimes we all just need a little bit of encouragement.

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