Playing in the Mountains

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My friend Bill visited the ski sorority last week on his way home to Chicago. He is currently on leave from the Marine base Camp Pendleton in SoCal before heading to Iraq. I met Bill at Joanna’s wedding in May, he took over my room in San Clemente after my internship is over. He is what I like to call an instafriend, he is charming, smart, and really, really likes to sing and play his guitar. Bill is a music composition major from the University Miami, OH. Although if you ask his team, they may tell you that he is an English major.
From the minute Bill arrived the house was filled with music, whether it was classic country renditions, a song about Angeli, myself, or a picture on the wall, the music never stopped. It was like living in a musical…..
Luckily, Bill wanted to play outside just as much as I did on my last week before school, so we took the couple days he was here to hike Superior and Mill Creek. It was my first time hiking Superior in the summer and it was incredible, more of a scramble after you hit the ridge line, as the trail winds in and out of shale and is difficult to find, but it’s more fun to scramble up the mountain billy goat style anyway. Here are some pics Bill took of both our days hiking. Apparently I’d make a good marine, but I’m not too convinced, I think I’d rather keep skiing……..

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