“This is what single track should be like!”

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Last month Re , Grant , Jamon and I headed to Crested Butte for the 4th festivities and some epic single track. Re, Grant, and Jamon had never rode the trails in CB before and I was excited to show them the best of the best, and just why I’m so proud to call Crested Butte my home. If any of you know Grant very well, you’re very familiar, with the em, “pleasant” demeanor whenever asked to ride up hill, or even worse, ask him to do so on cliplless pedals, but despite the epic climbs Crested Butte has to offer (riding Teocalli Ridge may not of been the best choice for him….) I’ve never seen Grant so stoked at the bottom of a descent.
We got in a 3 am on Thursday night, after narrowly making the liquor store in Grand Junction then snaking over Kebler Pass, but dragged ourselves out of bed to go ride Upper, Upper Upper, Whetstone Vista and Strand. I used to ride this trail all the time by myself between shifts at the Brick and the Stash and it is a BLAST. Upper/upper upper/ Whetstone Vista are fast, flowy, with short bursts uphill, then one big hill to Strand and a bomber downhill. We also rode Snodgrass (my “I just have to fit in a ride!” trail) and 401, which is probably one of the most fun descents anyone will ever have on their bike, and reminds me why I love my bike more than I like most people.
Any true Crested Buttian owns a costume box, with costumes for any CB festivity, national or local, and the 4th is no exception. Our parade demonstrates the local decadence, from our mayor Alan Bernholtz building a ski jump on a flatbed and jumping over flames the entire way down Elk Avenue, the Red Ladies dancing in their celebratory wear for Mt. Emmons, or the RMBL crew swaying down Elk clad in skunk cabbage,

photo cred: Re Wikstrom

no one does it quite like we do. O, and we have a MASSIVE waterfight at the end of Elk with fire hoses, Jamon attempted to outrun them, but he didn’t quite make it

photo cred: Re Wikstrom

photo cred: Re Wikstrom

Just a little wet
The rest of the weekend may of been a blur between 4th of July madness, hangovers and bike rides. But really, I was just excited to show of my hometown yet again!

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