Autumn… not

Posted by piphunt on October 30, 2008 in Adventures of Pip, Where in the World is Pip? |

Autumn is my favourite season, not only are the colours beautiful and the temperatures dropping, but it is also the lull between two busy seasons, the one where I work my butt off to afford my ski bum lifestyle, and the other where I spend all my money on playing. I want nothing more than to hide away in my house with the curtains drawn, a pot of tea, a good book, and some butternut squash soup cooking on the stove.

But this year I’m in SoCal, it’s still 80 degrees out, I’m surfing five days a week and still have a killer tan. Wait, a tan in October? You mean there isn’t black ice on the road and snow on the mountains? O yes, SoCal, there are no mountains (ahh the desperation!) and my body is seriously confused. I have lived my entire life where there is a distinct change to the seasons. My body is craving cool weather, butternut squash and pumpkin cookies but the weather is clearly telling me that a bbq and ice cream would be a better fit. Where are all those rainy days California??! This is the opposite affect to those suffering from lack of sunlight in AK in the winter…. I don’t need a sunbed, I need a cooler! I think I need an escape to the mountains… quick.

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